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Cisco VPN, Windows 7, WWAN and artificial restrictions.

So I have a fleet of laptops with WWAN cards built in. I also have an ASA5510 that terminates my VPN.
I was having this issue when using VPN over the WWAN all the traffic was getting Bypassed or Discarded. It made no sense as they were connecting correctly and everything else was fine. A quick read of the release notes for Cisco VPN revealed that they “don’t support” VPN over WWAN on Windows 7 unless you use AnyConnect.
To me, this stunk like the “we don’t support VPN Client on x64” nonsense. So some more reading later and I found they do support one PPP connection and my WWAN adaptor exposes a Modem device. Here is the details of how to make it work, so you too can dodge this rubbish:

Firstly you need to change the configuration of the Modem device in device manager. In the advanced tab of the modem device for you WWAN adaptor add the following to your “Extra initialization commands” :  at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”<INSERT APN HERE>”

Once you have that done you need to create a Dial-up connection using your WWAN adaptors modem device with the following settings (well these ones work in Australia)

Dialup number: *99***1#
User & Password: <blank>
Allow other people: Yes (optional but recomended)

Then hit connect, it should connect and be happy, then click close.

Once this is done you can change the settings to be less annoying.
View the properties of the connection and go to the options tab.
In here Un-tick Prompt for name and prompt for phone number.
Some OK clicking will follow

Then you should be good to go. I usually disable the “Mobile Broadband Connection” in Network Connections to prevent and confusion.


Spacewalk, Repos and generic insanity.

So I’ve been building a spacewalk server. While the documentation is quite good, some of it can be lacking in specifics.
What I mean is, while you can combine repos into one channel weird things start happening. For example I wanted to make one channel for all my Centos boxes to use for all official Centos packages/updates.

If you do this, you get a weird channel with all the old and new packages sitting side-by-side and refusing to update each other.

Also there are two Spacewalk repos. One with the Server and it’s various dependencies. The other contains utilities you will need after installing the Server. (rhn-client and the like)

Anyway I hope this helps somebody, it caused me to yell at my screen for a bit today.

RHEL/Centos 6, VM’s and Network interfaces

I’m not liking the ‘new’ use of udev rules to set network interfaces. It makes creating templates a tad more annoying.
I’m also not a fan of the use of NetworkManager in RHEL, but I didn’t install it, so I guess that doesn’t count.
Anyway, for those who wish to build VM templates remember this:

echo >/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

Do this just before you shutdown and convert to template and it will detect the new NIC’s on boot.